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A collection of small scripts for MRI data analysis

Caution: Only for teaching purposes! These scripts should be taken as examples for your own scripts. Using them without adjustments for your own data may fail or lead to wrong results! Use at your own risk!

Onset - Extraction

A python script to extract onsets from presentation log files. Usually these log depend on the experiment so you will have to customize the script.

Slice order for Siemens Allegra 3T

This is a Matlab script to detect the correct slice order for slice-timing correction from DICOM data of the Siemens Allegra 3T MRI. This scanner does not use the same DICOM headers as later scanner to store the information. Probabely no use for other systems. SPM8 must be in the search path if you want to use the spm file selector.

DCM Estimation

Ever wanted to estimate a bunch of DCM models on a multicore PC, finding that SPM uses only one core? This script looks for DCM*.mat files in the working directory and estimates all of them that have not already been estimated. Open multiple Matlab sessions to use more than one core, or put the data on a network file system and use multiple sessions on multiple computers! Again, SPM8 must be in the Matlab search path (of course).


This is a Graphviz .dot-file generator to easily create diagrams of DCM models. Give it a list of DCM files (estimated or newly defined) and it will output their .dot-format network definition that can be converted with the help of Graphviz to nice looking PDF, PNG or SVG images.